Kenneth J. Koehler

Statistical Laboratory/Department of Statistics


Department of Statistics
Iowa State University
102F Snedecor Hall
Ames, Iowa 50011-1210

Telephone: (515) 294-4181
FAX: (515) 294-4040










Current Courses (Fall 2005)

Stat 565:  Biostatistics


Research Interests

Multivariate statistical methods for discrete and/or continuos data, statistical methods for correlated survival data, goodness -of-fit tests, estimation with incomplete models and missing data, analysis of longitudinal studies


On-Campus Consulting

On-campus statistical consulting primarily arises from a  joint appointment in the College of Agriculture. Recent projects include: a study of the effects of temperature on hatch times of insect eggs and on larval development times, a study of the effects of various environmental factors on bird abundance and nest predation, predicting dew occurrence and duration from hourly weather data, effects of soy isoflavones on preventing loss of bone density,
estimating heritabilities for pork quality traits, QTL estimation for pooled DNA.

Off-Campus Consulting

Contact me at 515-294-4181 or at


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